OptiMOS 6 - 40V MOSFET Family with superior switching performance

Published  March 15, 2019   0
OptiMOS 6 - 40V MOSFET Family with superior switching performance

Infineon released new 40V MOSFET OptiMOS 6 family optimized for synchronous rectification in SMPS for servers, desktop PCs, wireless chargers, quick chargers, and ORing circuits. The newly released MOSFET is based on Infineon’s thin wafer technology which enables significant performance benefits and will cover wide voltage range enabling the use in SMPS applications. It is ideal for efficiency optimization over a wide range of output power, avoiding the trade-off between low and high load conditions.


The OptiMOS 6 power MOSFET delivers 30% reduced on state resistance and improved figure of merits (Q g x RDS(on) down by 29 percent and Q gd x RDS(on) down by 46 percent) compared to its previous versions. OptiMOS 6 outperforms previous generation products at low output power levels due to its superior switching performance. The OptiMOS 6 MOSFETs can be operate at higher output levels despite the more RDS(on) losses.     


The samples of OptiMOS 6 40V power MOSFET family is available in two packages:

  • SuperSO8, 5 mm x 6 mm, R DS(on) ranging from 5.9 mΩ down to 0.7
  • PQFN 3x3, 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm, R DS(on) ranging from 6.3 mΩ down to 1.8 mΩ.