OMRON Develops Pose Estimation Technology for Fall and Tumble Prevention using 3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

Published  January 19, 2023   0
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OMRON Develops Pose Estimation Technology

Pose estimation is a technology that uses distance measurement data output from 3D TOF sensor B5L to estimate human skeletal points and output their coordinates using OMRON's proprietary algorithm that utilizes AI technology. From these skeletal points, it is possible to quantitatively recognize what kind of posture a person is in and to understand a person's posture, which is generally called pose estimation or skeletal estimation. As an application of pose estimation, we believe that customers can use the algorithm to analyze these skeletal points to estimate the possibility of a person falling and tumbling.

The technology is developed to reduce the burden on nursing care facilities where falls and tumbles account for more than half of all accidents. With the increasing number of people being cared for, the nursing field is facing a chronic labor shortage, and the burden on facilities can be reduced if accidents can be reduced. The device is designed to work in sunlight and the dark at night, and sensing technology that takes privacy into account is necessary to achieve this. OMRON has the technology to develop algorithms using AI technology with OKAO Vision, which can be used to build the necessary algorithms for pose estimation.

pose estimation

The pose estimation technology uses AI technology to estimate human skeletal points from distance data output from the 3D TOF sensor module B5L. With this technology, it has become possible to sense a person's condition that is less affected by sunlight, operates in the dark, and is privacy-conscious. Therefore, we believe that developing algorithms from skeletal point information can quantitatively recognize a person's posture and that analyzing skeletal points can be used to estimate a person's falls and tumbles.

The B5L product uses AI technology to generate human skeletal points using the output of privacy-conscious 3D TOF sensor. The algorithm developed by OMRON using AI technology has advantages of small size and high speed, enabling GPU-less operation, and stable operation under sunlight and at night without lighting. Based on the "OKAO Vision" technology, a highly accurate algorithm has been developed to optimize the human skeletal points through AI technology from the output of a distance to a person measured by B5L. Deep learning has reduced the risk of the skeletal points of one person being cared for becoming transferred to another person or the legs of a chair or table.

In summary, the Pose Estimation technology developed by OMRON is designed to reduce the burden on nursing care facilities by detecting and preventing falls and tumbles of patients, while ensuring privacy and working in various lighting conditions. Using AI technology, the technology can accurately detect human skeletal points and analyze them to estimate the possibility of falls and tumbles. The B5L product makes use of this technology, providing a solution for battery-powered industrial BLDC motor control drives, which includes cordless power tools, robotics, drones, and light electric vehicles (LEVs).