Processors for Performance and Safety for Next-Generation Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Processors for Performance and Safety for Next-Generation Electric and Autonomous Vehicles


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Processors for Performance and Safety for Next-Generation Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

NXP has announced a new family of high-performance safe microprocessors to control vehicle dynamics in next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles. The new NXP S32S microprocessors will manage the systems that accelerate, brake and steer vehicles safely, whether under the direct control of a driver or an autonomous vehicle’s control. The first of the new S32 product lines, the S32S microprocessors offer the highest performance ASIL D capability available today.


The NXP S32S processors use an array of the new Arm Cortex-R52 cores, which integrate the highest level of safety features of any Arm processor. The array offers four fully independent ASIL D capable processing paths to support parallel safe computing. In addition, the S32S architecture supports a new “fail availability” capability allowing the device to continue to operate after detecting and isolating a failure – a critical capability for future autonomous applications.


Today’s car is evolving from a machine that takes simple instructions from a human driver to an increasingly sophisticated computing platform that senses, thinks and acts autonomously. Traditionally, vehicle control systems responded directly to a driver’s commands. In autonomous systems by contrast, it is the car that gives those commands and then must execute them flawlessly to guarantee safety in all conditions. This need for safe guaranteed control has driven a rapid growth in demand for high-performance, safe computing solutions to control the “start, stop and steer” functions fundamental to all mobility.


Additional S32S Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Safety Solution: Available companion ASIL D safety system basis chip from NXP (FS66 functionally safe multi-output power supply IC)
  • Large integrated flash memory (up to 64M bytes) supporting on-the-fly, over-the-air update capability with zero processor downtime
  • User programmable hardware security engine with private and public key support
  • Available PCIe for ADAS domain supervisory applications
  • Advanced electric motor control peripherals with included motor control software libraries
  • Software and Tools: Autosar MCAL and OS, security firmware, safety SDK, hardware development tools including NXP GreenBox Electrification Platform


S32 Platform

The NXP S32 platform is the fully-scalable automotive computing architecture. Adopted by both premium and volume automotive brands, it offers a unified architecture of microcontrollers/microprocessors (MCU/MPU) and an identical software environment that can reduce development effort and maximizing software reuse across products and applications. The NXP S32 architecture addresses the challenges of future car development with a host of architectural innovations designed to allow carmakers to bring rich in-vehicle experiences and automated driving functions to market much faster than before.

Availability: The samples of S32S are available to NXP’s Automotive Alpha customers. Contact sales person for more information.

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