Nuvoton and SEGGER Extend Software Partnership for Embedded Systems Development

Published  June 21, 2023   0
S Staff
emWin embedded GUI Software Partnership Extended

Nuvoton Technology Corporation and SEGGER Microcontroller have recently announced the expansion of their ongoing software partnership. This collaboration allows Nuvoton customers to utilize SEGGER's emWin embedded GUI and AppWizard tools across a wide range of Nuvoton microcontrollers, including those based on Arm Cortex-M, Arm9, and Arm Cortex-A architectures. The emWin graphics package offered by SEGGER is a state-of-the-art solution known for its high performance and efficient memory usage. It excels in both RAM and ROM optimization, delivering exceptional speed and versatility. This package equips developers with top-quality graphical functions that can be tailored to any display size, whether physical or virtual.

SEGGER's emWin embedded GUI

With SEGGER's AppWizard, Nuvoton users gain access to a user-friendly platform for creating fully functional graphical applications. This tool eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of the emWin graphics library or expertise in coding with the C language. AppWizard simplifies the process of generating ready-to-run applications with intuitive graphical interfaces. Nuvoton expresses its enthusiasm for the extended partnership with SEGGER, aiming to further enhance their Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions through the use of emWin software. By leveraging this technology, designers can efficiently create professional interfaces within a short timeframe, typically a day or two. Once the design is finalized, the software automatically generates the corresponding C source code.