Next Generation Wireless Charging: Infineon Introduces Qi2 MPP Transmitter

Published  October 18, 2023   0
S Staff
Wireless Charging with Qi2 MPP Transmitter

At the OktoberTech event in Silicon Valley, Infineon unveiled its pioneering Qi2 MPP wireless charging transmitter technology. Addressing the rising consumer demand for advanced wireless charging, the Wireless Power Consortium introduced the Qi2 standard to innovate inductive power transfer. Infineon's debut in this space is the REF_WLC_TX15W_M1, a Qi2 Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) charging transmitter. This new standard, with its magnet-anchored positioning, promises substantial enhancements in devices from in-car wireless charging to phones, earbuds, portable audio devices, and medical equipment.

The REF_WLC_TX15W_M1, under 43 mm in diameter, is built around Infineon's market-ready WLC1 controller, which combines a versatile microcontroller, a 4.5 V to 24 V DC input regulator, and various safety and connectivity features. This board, supported by ModusToolbox sample codes, is backward compatible with devices requiring 5W charging. Emphasizing the transformative potential of Qi2, Ganesh Subramaniam, Senior VP at Infineon, stated its adaptability would lead the industry's shift in automotive and consumer applications. The product's debut showcase is set for October 25 at the Computer History Museum, with more details available on Infineon's website.