Next-Generation Digital Flow Sensors for High Volume Applications

Published  August 6, 2021   0
 SFM3xxx Mass Flow Sensors

Sensirion has introduced three next-generation sensors - SFM3003, SFM3013, and SFM3119 as part of SFM3xxx platform. Available worldwide via Sensirion distributors, these new flow sensors are suitable for inspiratory applications at ambient pressure. All three flow sensors offer high accuracy, very low-pressure drop, and fast signal sampling. Moreover, these devices are fully calibrated and temperature-compensated and can accurately measure flow rates in both directions.

The SFM3003 flow sensor has an extended flow range between -150 and 300 slm. It is based on the technology used in the SFM3019 sensor and provides high volume of flow sensors for inspiratory flow measurements in medical ventilators. It comes with a wider flow range and improved specifications. The flow of air, oxygen and mixtures thereof at rates between -30 and 300 slm can be measured with high accuracy, reliability and long-term stability and no recalibration is required.  It has a very low pressure drop, ultra-fast response time and optimal signal-to-noise ratio. The SFM3013 flow sensor is a variant of the SFM3003. It is resistant to overpressure (up to 1 bar) and calibrated for heliox gas. This sensor is ideal for high volume and cost-efficient applications.

The SFM3119 flow sensor is a successor of SFM3100 flow sensor and a compact digital flow meter that comes with a digital I2C output and improved specifications. It is accurate and fast at measuring flows of air, oxygen and mixtures thereof between -10 and 240 slm. Its compact design enables it to be easily integrated into existing devices. The SFM3119 flow meter has a low pressure drop and is suitable for inspiratory flow sensing in applications such as ventilation and anesthesia, and for mixing oxygen and air to a very precise degree.

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