Next-Gen UWB Chips from NXP Set to Transform Car Access and Safety

Published  November 29, 2023   0
S Staff
Next-Gen UWB Chips from NXP Set to Transform Car Access and Safety

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled a groundbreaking development in automotive technology with the introduction of their latest Ultra-Wideband (UWB) integrated circuit, the TrimensionTM NCJ29D6B. This advanced chip not only streamlines secure vehicle access but also integrates short-range radar capabilities, providing a multifunctional solution for the automotive industry. The NCJ29D6B, distinguished for its high-security features and cost-effectiveness, marks a significant upgrade from previous models. It's particularly notable for its integration of a microcontroller unit, which allows for diverse applications such as detecting the presence of children inside a vehicle and enhancing vehicle access security. This innovation is set to be adopted by leading automotive manufacturers and is expected to hit the roads in 2025 vehicles.

NXP's TrimensionTM NCJ29D6 family, a part of their extensive UWB portfolio, includes the NCJ29D6B and the NCJ29D6A - the latter being the first in the automotive industry to amalgamate ranging and short-range UWB radar within a single chip. This technological advancement enables car manufacturers to utilize a single UWB system for various functions, thereby reducing costs and simplifying the vehicle's design. These features align with regulations like the U.S. Hot Cars Act and the European NCAP roadmap, providing added value through enhanced safety and convenience. Markus Staeblein, Senior Vice President at NXP, emphasized the transformative impact of UWB technology in the automotive sector, highlighting its potential to offer a range of new, software-defined experiences for consumers. The NCJ29D6B model enhances secure car access with features like improved RF sensitivity and integrated digital CAN transceiver, while the NCJ29D6A extends these capabilities to include in-cabin sensing and gesture recognition, underscoring NXP's commitment to advancing automotive technology.