New Sitara Processors with Edge AI Capabilities Enable Support for HMI Applications

Published  June 3, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Sitara AM62 Processors

Texas Instruments has introduced the new Sitara AM62 processors that help expand edge artificial intelligence (AI) processing into next-generation applications. The low-power design of the new processors enables support for dual-screen displays and small-size human-machine interface (HMI) applications. These processors also enable dual-screen, full high-definition displays and support for multiple operating systems, including Mainline Linux and Android operating systems.

AM62 processors can reduce power consumption in industrial applications by as much as 50% and feature only two dedicated power rails and five power modes. Deep sleep mode at <5 mW enables longer battery life, while an active power of <1.5 W is made possible by a core voltage of 0.75 V. Reducing system power consumption extends battery life and helps engineers meet design requirements for handheld or size-constrained devices that can be deployed anywhere.

A wide range of tools and resources for AM62 processors provides flexible options for development and can help reduce cost and complexity barriers to design. Multiple open-source software solutions, including Mainline Linux, simplify the application development process and help achieve a faster time to market. 

The AM625 and AM623 processors are now available through TI and authorized distributors in a 13-mm-by-13-mm, 425-pin ALW package, with pricing starting at less than US$5 in 1,000-unit quantities.