New SAR ADC Family to Enable High-Precision Data Acquisition With up 65% Reduced Power

Published  June 10, 2021   0
ADC3660 family of ADCs from Texas Instruments

With eight SAR ADCs in 14-, 16- and 18-bit resolution at sampling speeds ranging from 10 to 125 MSPS, the new ADC3660 family of ADCs from Texas Instruments can help designers in improving signal resolution, extending battery life, and strengthening system protection. Bridging the high-speed and precision gap, these new SAR ADCs ease the designing of high-speed digital control loops with high dynamic range and low latency while reducing power consumption by as much as 65%.

Offering the dynamic range at low power consumption, the ADC3660 family allows high-precision data acquisition in industrial designs. These ADCs are capable of delivering up to 80% lower latency than competitive devices at similar speeds. Besides, the ultra-low latency of the devices enables high-speed digital control loops in a wide variety of industrial systems to accurately monitor and respond to voltage and current spikes.

These new SAR ADCs help in delivering excellent noise performance, low power consumption, and better image resolution. Additionally, features like on-chip decimation options enable designers to easily remove unwanted noise and harmonics in the system and boost SNR and spurious-free dynamic range up to 15 dB. Besides, an integrated digital downconverter with a complex numerically controlled oscillator reduces the number of processor resources required. The ADC3563, ADC3583, ADC3643, ADC3660, ADC3663, ADC3664, and ADC3683 devices in the series are available from TI in a 5-mm-by-5-mm very thin quad flat no-lead (WQFN) package. Pre-production versions of the ADC3541 are available on the company website with volume production expected in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, evaluation modules are available from TI for US$249.