New Power MOSFETs with High-Speed Diodes Improve Efficiency of Power Supplies

Published  February 23, 2024   0
S Staff
Power MOSFETs with High-Speed Diodes

Toshiba has added two new TK042N65Z5 and TK095N65Z5 DTMOSVI(HSD), power MOSFETs with high-speed diodes to its latest-generation DTMOSVI series with a super junction structure. These new products are suitable for switching power supplies, including data centers and photovoltaic power conditioners. These new MOSFETs use high-speed diodes to improve the reverse recovery characteristics important for bridge circuit and inverter circuit applications. Against the standard DTMOSVI, they achieve a 65% reduction in reverse recovery time (trr), and an 88% reduction in reverse recovery charge (Qrr) (measurement conditions: -dIDR/dt= 100A/μs).

The DTMOSVI(HSD) process used in the new products improves on the reverse recovery characteristics of Toshiba's DTMOSIV series with high-speed diodes (DTMOSIV(HSD)), and has a lower drain cut-off current at high temperatures. The figure of merit "drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charges" is also lower. The high temperature drain cut-off current of TK042N65Z5 is approximately 90% lower, and the drain-source On-resistance × gate-drain charge 72% lower, than in Toshiba’s current TK62N60W5. This advance will cut equipment power loss and help to improve efficiency. The TK042N65Z5 shows a maximum improvement in power supply efficiency over the current TK62N60W5 of about 0.4%, as measured in a 1.5kW LLC circuit.