New mmWave Beamformer ICs Enable Low-Cost Phased Array Radios and Enhance Performance for 5G Wireless and Fixed Wireless Access

Published  November 10, 2021   0
3rd Generation 5G mmWave Beamformer IC

Renesas Electronics Corporation has expanded its 5G beamformer IC family with two new dual-polarization mmWave devices that feature high Tx output power capability in silicon and deliver more than 15.5dBm linear output power (note 1) per channel. The new F5288 and F5268 ICs with small 5.1mm x 5.1mm BGA package are optimized for 2x2 antenna architecture for 5G and broadband wireless applications with best-in-class performance at n257, n258, and 261 bands. Moreover, this solution enables cost-efficient radio design with extended signal reach for wireless infrastructure applications including wide-area, small cell and macro base stations, CPE, and fixed wireless access (FWA) points.

The highly integrated F5288 and F5268 ICs features dual-polarization 8-channel architecture which provides a highly symmetric and very low loss antenna routing network to improve overall antenna efficiency. These devices have a unique Dynamic Array Power (DAP) technology that enables high-efficiency operation at linear output power levels programmable from 10 dBm up to 16 dBm which makes them ideal for use in mobile and fixed wireless applications with a wide range of output power requirements.

Key Features of F5288 and F5268 ICs

  • 26.5GHz – 29.5GHz (F5288) and 24.25GHz – 27.5GHz (F5268) operation
  • Advanced temperature compensation techniques to minimize RF performance degradation with varying temperatures
  • State-of-the-art phase and gain control including 360° phase control range with true 6-bit resolution and up to 31.5dB gain control with 0.5dB steps
  • Improved Rx linearity modes to provide additional flexibility for the receiver lineup
  • Rx noise figures as low as ~4.5dB at room temperature and under 5.5dB at temperatures up to 95°C


The F5288 and F5268 beamformer ICs and evalution systems are now available.