New Microcontrollers to Enable Real-Time Control, Analytics and Networking with 10x Processing Performance

Published  July 13, 2021   0
Texas Instruments Sitara AM2x MCUs

Seeing the increasing demand for industrial automation, next-generation vehicles, intelligent analytics, and higher levels of connectivity, Texas Instruments has introduced Sitara AM2x, a new high-performance microcontroller portfolio. The new MCUs enable real-time control and advanced networking with 10x processing performance, enabling engineers to break performance barriers in new and emerging applications.

The Sitara AM2x MCUs provide processor-level computing along with the ease of development and real-time precision in factory automation, robotics, automotive systems, and sustainable energy management systems. With high computing capability, these MCUs close the growing gap between the traditional microcontrollers and processors, enabling designers to deliver the best outcome.

Built around high-performance Arm MCU cores, the Sitara AM2x MCU portfolio includes single and multicore devices running at speeds up to 1 GHz and integrates specialized peripherals and accelerators. The additional processing capability of these microcontrollers enables designers to add analytics for tasks like predictive maintenance, reducing downtime on factory floors. These new microcontrollers come with sensing and actuation peripherals to enable low-latency real-time processing and control for factory automation as well as communications accelerators for simplifying industrial networking. 

Additionally, the company is offering Sitara AM243x LaunchPad Development Kit for reducing design and development complexities thereby enabling the quick evaluation of high-performance MCUs for less than $100. Preproduction versions of the AM2431, AM2432, and AM2434 microcontrollers are available exclusively from the company website in a 17-mm-by-17-mm or 11-mm-by-11-mm package. Pricing starts at US$6.05 for 1,000-unit quantities. Those interested in AM243x LaunchPad Development Kit can get it from the company website for US$89.