New Mass Flow Controllers Coupled with Multi-Gas Calibration and Exchangeable Fittings

Published  June 14, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Mass Flow Controllers and Meters

Sensirion has expanded its SFC5500 series with two new mass flow controllers and SFM5500 series with four new mass flow meters that are calibrated for multiple gases and come with push-in fittings, which can be easily swapped out by the user from the list of compatible parts. The SFC5500/SFM5500 series is suited to a broad range of applications like gas mixing in medical and analytical instruments, flow control in bioreactor and semiconductor applications, and process control in industrial automation, research and development, and prototyping.

Enabled by the CMOSens MEMS flow sensor, the SFC5500/SFM5500 series can cover several of the flow ranges of a traditional mass flow controller/meter in a single device. The SFC5500 mass flow controller is available in ranges from 50 sccm to 200 slm and the SFM5500 is a valveless sibling of the SFC5500, featuring the same excellent performance. These pressure-resistant mass flow meters are now available in the following four flow ranges: 50 sccm, 0.5 slm, 2 slm, and 10 slm.

Key Features

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability (0.8% / 0.1% of setpoint respectively)

  • Very wide control and measurement range

  • Calibrated for multiple gases

  • Digital interface with temperature compensated output

  • Ultra-fast settling time

  • Pressure resistance up to 10 bar