New Integrated Software Development Environment Supports Multi-Chip ECUs, Reducing Post-Design Modifications

Published  September 27, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Integrated Software Development Environment

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a new integrated development environment that allows engineers to rapidly create software for automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) containing multiple hardware devices. This fully integrated environment supports co-simulation, debug and trace, high-speed simulation, and distributed processing software over multiple SoCs (System-on-Chips) and MCUs (Microcontrollers), all without the need for actual hardware. 

This software development environment recognizes the automotive industry’s shift toward “Software First” product development, in which a vehicle’s value is increasingly defined by its software, as well as the “Shift Left” software design approach, which emphasizes software verification and validation earlier in the development cycle before hardware is available. The first development environment tools are available now for the R-Car S4 and RH850/U2A devices.

The integrated environment offers the following development support:

  • Co-simulation environment for multi-devices facilitating optimal system design

  • Debug and trace tool for multi-devices to visualize problems

  • High-speed simulator for software development that achieves rapid and large-scale simulations

  • Distributed Processing Software for multi-devices that enables design without considering hardware configuration