New Highly Integrated Half-Bridge Solution with Intelligent Slew-Rate Control for Wireless Charger Application

Published  October 1, 2021   0
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor's AOZ32033AQI Gate Driver

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has announced a new family of Coil Drivers with the initial product “AOZ32033AQI” which is an integrated half-bridge gate driver capable of driving high-side and low-side N-channel MOSFETs. It offers 30V, 11mOhm in a QFN3x3 package and is ideally suited to the design of Wireless Charging TX circuits used in cordless power tools, vacuum cleaners, drones, and other consumers’ electronic equipment composed of full-bridge topology with a resonant tank circuit to get the best power conversion efficiency. This Device features SRC (Slew Rate Control) to adjust sink/source current and provide the ideal trade-off between efficiency and EMI optimization in the design of Wireless Charging Transmitter (TX) circuits.

The AOZ32033AQI half-bridge gate driver enables PCB space savings and higher performance in wireless transmitter circuits with high wattage of up to 30W and offers a part count reduction of up to 40% compared to traditional approaches. With a highly integrated package, this device can be used for a wide range of input voltages from 4V to 28V. Moreover, it has multiple protection functions such as high side and low side UVLO and over-temperature protection (OTP) to make the design more robust.

Key Features of AOZ32033AQI Gate Driver

  • Integrated 30V Half-Bridge Power Stage with wide Vin range enables reduced PCB size
  • Low RDS(ON) internal N-FETs for both HS/LS supports TX circuit designs of up to 30W
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Adjustable gate drive sink/source current control SRC (Slew Rate Control) for EMI and efficiency improvement
  • Several protections (OTP, VCC UVLO, Bootstrap UVLO)
  • Thermally enhanced QFN3x3

Availability and Pricing

The AOZ32033AQI is now available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks and the unit price in 1,000piece quantities is $0.75.