New HiFive Unmatched Platform with Highly Efficient and Cost-Effective PMICs to Reduce Power Dissipation and Thermal Footprint

Published  May 12, 2021   0
Dialog Semiconductors' Highly Integrated DA9063 System PMIC

SiFive’s new PC form-factor RISC-V Linux Development Platform, HiFive Unmatched uses Dialog Semiconductors' highly integrated DA9063 system PMIC that incorporates 6 DC-DC Buck Regulators and 11 LDOs to help achieve maximum performance by optimally meeting all power supply requirements. The DA9063 system PMIC supports Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) that significantly reduces the power dissipation and thermal footprint of the SiFive Freedom U740 RISC-V SoC.

Dialog Semiconductor’s highly integrated PMIC solutions allow SiFive to reduce the number of required power management ICs and reuse the same ICs across all of the SiFive development platforms resulting in reduced engineering effort with bring up, lower cost, and a smaller PCB footprint.

With a highly flexible and scalable DA9063 system PMIC that incorporates a built-in configurability engine, system designers can easily solve their power sequencing, thermal, and system control challenges. Moreover, an intuitive GUI (Smart Canvas) simplifies the customization to achieve an “exact fit” power management solution. This results in a highly optimized, cost-effective power management solution that enables users to come up with competitive and differentiated system designs.

Tom Sandoval, Senior Vice President, Automotive Business Segment, Dialog Semiconductor said, “Our partnership with SiFive is delivering cost-effective, power-efficient platforms for the benefit of SiFive’s customers and ecosystem partners. The HiFive Unmatched platform is a great example of the power efficiency and performance of our DA9063 device can enable. ”