New Environment Sensing Board Monitors Ambient Temperature and Humidity via BLE

Published  October 17, 2022   0
RIOT-002 Environment Sensing Board

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has launched the new RIOT-002 environment sensing board that can send sensor data of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, and 3-axis acceleration to tablets and other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Equipped with our power management ICs for energy harvesters, ultra-low current consumption ICs and a real-time clock IC, this board achieves independent power generation and prolongation of battery operating time, all of which IoT edge devices require. It makes it easy to develop new IoT edge devices, contributes to shortening the construction period of those devices, and is applicable to environment data loggers, electronic shelf tags, etc.

The RIOT-002 series includes dedicated application for Android. Using the dedicated application enables the RIOT-002 to collect and monitor various environmental data. The application can also be used to set operating hours, the transmission interval of environment data, etc. It features the R1801, a buck DC/DC switching regulator for energy harvesters to extract power from a photovoltaic panel (not included) and charge the secondary battery. Moreover, by using the RP605, an ultra-low current consumption buck-boost DC/DC switching regulator with the battery monitor, and the RP118, an ultra-low current consumption LDO, both standby and active operation can be performed with high efficiency.