New Complex Device Driver Software Module Eases Development of Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles

Published  June 2, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Complex Device Driver Software

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced an AUTOSAR-compliant complex device driver (CDD) software module for designers of automotive battery management systems (BMS) in electric vehicles (EVs). The new ISL78714 CDD software follows ISO26262 ASIL D development processes and is designed to work with the BMS reference design hardware kit, which includes the ISL78714 IC and the RH850/P1M MCU. This software has a simple but full-featured API that allows the end-user’s application software to receive battery cell measurements in real-time.

The CDD includes configuration and integration of required microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) modules and provides an entire low-level software solution for collecting battery cell voltage and temperature measurements and controlling cell balancing functions of the ISL78714. 

Software interfaces and protocol management needed to operate the ISL78714 are built into the CDD software and operate on top of existing lower-level SPI, GPIO, and General Purpose Timer (GPT) drivers included in the MCAL modules. The CDD software provides customers with a practical architecture for simplifying their software design and allows them to focus efforts on their unique application features.