New Advanced Drone Technology can Find Missing People in Record Time

Published  March 22, 2023   0
S Staff
Drone Technology can Find Missing People

Drone-Tech Startup Flyhound Corp has developed a drone mounted radio tech that can find missing people in 3 minutes or less. The advantage of this drone tech is that it can be mounted on any existing drone platform making it very flexible for any operator to use this technology.

The module works by triangulating cell signals from the phones of missing people, even if there is no active cellular network. This makes the technology well suited for work in remote conditions where network infrastructure is weak or non-existent. This info is then directly shown into the display which is the real time location of the missing person. This technology allows quickly locating a missing person which is 100 times faster than the current search and rescue technology. The New York based company said it can scan a 164-foot radius within 30 mins of flight time.

Flyhound's technology has partnered with DJI to make a Drone SAR altitude guide which is a three question survey that will help the drone operator to find optimal flying altitude to find missing people. Now DJI has recorded 940 drone rescues in 39 countries, saving a total of 940 people.

In conclusion we can say that the Flyhound team have worked quickly to understand the needs of public safety agencies and made a product that can fit the market which is based on several proof of concepts and various test drives.