New 200V Transistor Output Automotive Photocoupler for Isolated Signal Communication in Automotive Equipment

Published  November 19, 2021   0
Toshiba's TLX9188 Photocoupler

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched a high voltage transistor output automotive photocoupler “TLX9188” that is designed for isolated signal communication in automotive equipment, including electric mobility vehicles. This new device consists of phototransistors optically coupled to an infrared LED and is housed in the very small and thin SO6(4pin) package.

The high voltage photo transistor of this device delivers a collector-emitter voltage rating of 200V and by specifying maximum values for switching characteristics (turn-on time, turn-off time), this new photocoupler can be used as a unidirectional switch. Moreover, it can also be used in feedback circuits of analog signals in 100V to 200V equipment, helping to reduce the cost of application circuits.

Key Features of TLX9188 Photocoupler

  • High collector-emitter breakdown voltage: V(BR)CEO=200V (min)
  • High current transfer ratio: IC/IF=100% (min), rank GB
  • High isolation voltage: BVS=3750Vrms (min)
  • Wide operating temperature rating range: Topr= -40 to 125°C
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • IATF 16949 certified

In addition, with the high breakdown voltage between the collector and emitter (VCEO=200 V), this photocoupler is suitable for use in battery management system including voltage monitoring, mechanical relay sticking detection, ground fault detection, etc.