NB-IoT modules BC95-G and BC68 received SoftBank Certifications

Published  August 7, 2019   0
NB-IoT modules BC95-G and BC68 received SoftBank Certifications

Quectel Wireless Solutions announced that its two NB-IoT modules BC95-G and BC68  have received certifications from SoftBank. The certifications to modules will allow IoT integrators, developers and OEMs ability to deploy IoT fixed and mobile applications leveraging SoftBank’s stable network. The two NB-IoT modules BC95-G and BC68 are multi-band NB-IoT modules where both work on LTE FDD bands of B1/B8 on the carrier’s network. The modules will help the emerging Narrow Band IoT technology and will be an ideal solution for applications such as smart metering, smart parking, bike sharing, security and asset tracking, smart city, home appliances, smoking detectors, agricultural and environmental monitoring, etc.


The BC95-G and BC68 features Power Save Mode (PSM) and Discontinuous Reception (DRX) which give the modules potential to enable devices which require low power and long battery life. BC95-G is pin to pin compatible with Quectel NB-IoT BC95 and Quectel GSM/GPRS M95 whereas BC68 is compatible with Quectel GSM/GPRS M66. This provides customers to achieve smooth migration and upgrading by a simple drop-in replacement, cutting the design costs and development time as well as accelerating time to market for customers’ products.


Common Features of BC95-G and BC68 NB-IoT Modules:

  • Compact-sizedmulti-band NB-IoT module
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Super high sensitivity
  • LCC package makes it easy for large volume manufacturing
  • Embedded with abundant Internet service protocols
  • Fast time-to-market: Reference designs, evaluation tools and timely technical support minimize design-in time and development efforts

For more information please visit Quectel’s Website.