Molex Introduces LumaLink Optical Trace Cable Assembly

Published  September 13, 2018   0
S Staff
LumaLink Optical Trace Cable Assembly

Molex introduced LumaLink MPO Optical Trace Cable Assemblies intended to be used in data center rack frames and cable trays.


LumaLink Optical Trace Cable Assemblies incorporate high-density MPO connectors and full illumination of the entire cable to allow advanced cable management. In addition, with the cable’s illumination function which provides complete visual identification from origin-to-endpoint as well as slack storage locations, installers and technicians can easily identify, implement and route MPO cables more easily.


“Data centers typically have hundreds of cables, and despite best efforts, they often end up tangled, making them difficult to identify and manage,” explained Josh Krantz, global product manager, Molex. “With the LumaLink Optical Trace cables, data center installers and managers will now be able to illuminate the specific cables they need to access or upgrade and be able to determine that cable’s length, which is a tremendous help for them.”.



Along with the origin-to-endpoint illumination, The LumaLink Optical Trace cable assemblies also include the following:

  • MPO connector – a precision-molded compatible ferrule connects 12F optical cable and a push-pull housing provides quick and reliable connections
  • Magnetic power connection for illumination function – capable of 360-degree rotation and provides full-length cable illumination
  • FlexiBend boot – allows field grooming of bend radius and enables an easy change of direction for better cable management