Molex Announces Hybrid FTTA-PTTA Optical Cable Solutions

Published  September 11, 2018   0
S Staff
Hybrid FTTA-PTTA Optical Cable Solutions

Molex released Hybrid FTTA-PTTA Optical Cable Solutions for cell phone towers to allow for maximized tower real estate while keeping the installation processes low.


Available with rugged features—including sealed breakout ends, UV-treated cables, and an armored hybrid cable, Molex hybrid cable assemblies withstand demanding weather conditions and remove potential interference. Moreover, the custom configurations are also available to support base band unit and multiple remote radio head connections using industry standard connectors, alleviating extensive cable management requirements.


Currently available plug-and-play cable solutions use multiple cables, while the newly released hybrid cable solutions allows to connect several remote radio units and power-to-signal distribution boxes with one assembly, thus, maximizing tower real estate and freeing up space for additional equipment.