MDmesh DM9 AG Series: Automotive MOSFETs for Enhanced Efficiency

Published  March 13, 2024   0
S Staff
MDmesh DM9 AG Series

STMicroelectronics has introduced the new  MDmesh DM9 AG series that features automotive-grade MOSFETs tailored for on-board chargers (OBCs) and DC/DC converter applications. These MOSFETs are engineered to enhance efficiency and durability, accommodating both hard- and soft-switching configurations. By improving key performance metrics such as RDS (on) per die area and gate charge, these silicon-based devices effectively reduce energy losses and optimize switching performance compared to their predecessors.  The STH60N099DM9-2AG is the inaugural device in the series, boasting specific features such as AEC-Q101 qualification and a typical RDS (on) of 76mΩ

The latest MDmesh DM9 technology ensures a more uniform gate-source threshold voltage (VGS (th)) spread, resulting in minimized turn-on and turn-off losses during switching operations. Moreover, body-diode reverse recovery enhancements bolster the MOSFETs' overall ruggedness, making them well-suited for phase-shift zero-voltage switching topologies that demand high efficiency. The series offers a variety of through-hole and surface-mount packages, catering to different design requirements and system reliability considerations, including options for both bottom-side and topside cooling. ST aims to broaden the series' scope by incorporating a wider range of current ratings and RDS (on) values to address diverse application needs.


The STH60N099DM9-2AG can be purchased from the ST eStore, with prices starting at $4.98.