Magnet Free High Accuracy Inductive Position Sensor for Industrial Motor Commutation

Published  June 25, 2020   0
IPS2200 Inductive Position Sensor

The Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the magnet free IPS2200 inductive position sensor that provides high accuracy and speed along with total stray field immunity and efficient motor integrations in a thin and lightweight form factor. The IPS2200 is up to 10x thinner and up to 100x lighter and has 250krpm electrical speeds compared with traditional resolvers. These specifications provide easier motor integration and provide standard materials required for the customers to manufacture their own resolver replacement.

Features of the IPS2200

  • Industrial qualified, with stable operation in harsh environments and -40° to +125° C ambient temperatures
  • Interface: Sin/cos single-ended or differential
  • Voltage Supply: 3.3V ±10% or 5.0V ±10%
  • Rotational Speed: Up to 250.000 rpm (electrical)
  • Propagation delay: Programmable, <10µs
  • Sin/cos gain mismatch and offset compensation
  • Overvoltage, reverse polarity, short-circuit protected
  • Digital programming interface: I²C or SPI

The IPS2200 is designed around the motor, allowing customers to match the number of sectors to pole pairs of the motor to maximize accuracy, accommodating both off-axis (through shaft and side shaft) and on-axis positioning. IPS2200 has a four-or six-wire operation that provides up to 10x faster speeds and very low latency compared with resolver-or magnetic-based solutions. The new sensor allows the customers to cost-effectively develop sensor design for their industrial, medical, and robotic applications and maximizes the performance of the sensor’s accuracy.