LVAC Power Capacitors With ESTAspring Features Lever-Operated Spring Terminal Connection

Published  April 25, 2019   0
LVAC Power Capacitors With ESTAspring Features Lever-Operated Spring Terminal Connection

Vishay Intertechnology released a new series of LVAC power capacitors featuring ESTAspring with its first ever lever-operated spring terminal connection. The Vishay ESTA phMKP series capacitors reduces assembly time by 60% simultaneously increasing connection reliability in high vibration applications.


The ESTAspring connection of the PhMKP series is completely screwless competing the most tubular power capacitors available which features an IP20 terminal block with a screw connection. This significantly, enables a faster and easier connection along with highest level of contact reliability with continuous contact force over the device’s entire lifetime. This makes it ideal for applications which are prone to loose connections.


The series comes with the MKP technology which is well known technology with self-healing effect. Also the phMKP series features metallized polypropylene film technology which doesn’t require to tighten screws, makes it to provide a completely maintenance-free connection for LV power correction and harmonic filters in wind power plants, solar panels and inverters, and thermal power stations.


The specifications include:

  • Operating voltage: 230 V to 1000 V
  • Output: 2 kvar to 37.1 kvar
  • maximum terminal current: 90 A
  • Capacitance (min.) : 3-phase D: 3 x 11.5, 3-phase Y: 3 x 83.6, 1-phase: 49.7


The devices offer a stainless-steel spring making it corrosion-proof and available in oil-filled and dry gas-filled versions. The phMKP series devices are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, UL- and cUL-approved, and Vishay Green. The samples and production quantities of PhMKP series are available now with lead times of 10 weeks.