Low-Profile Latching Type Power Relay Tailored for High Inrush Performance in Smart Building Automation Systems

Published  November 11, 2021   0
L Lakshita
G5RL-K-EL Power Relay

OMRON Electronic Components has introduced new G5RL-K-EL latching type power relay that is designed for high inrush performance needed in smart building automation systems and for the control of capacitive loads. This new 16A power relay is approved to IEC60669-1, and has a high inrush current capability up to 255A which makes it ideal for demanding switching environments.

This low-profile power relay is ideal for controlling fluorescent and LED lamps and has an innovative single contact structure which makes it a highly competitive solution. The latching design of this relay saves energy as there is no hold current to keep the relay open.

Key Features of G5RL-K-EL Power Relay

  • Creepage distance 8mm between coil and contacts
  • 10 kV Impulse withstand voltage
  • Ambient Operating Temperature 85°C
  • Suitable for TV-8 rating (SPST-NO (1a))
  • In-rush resistant and supports illumination load

Moreover, this device is also compatible with the International Safety Standard for Electrical/Electronic Household Appliances (IEC60335-1).