Low-power, Open Source IoT Display Powered by ESP32-S2 Module features MiP Screen Technology

Published  December 22, 2021   0
Newt Open Source IoT Display Powered by ESP32-S2 Module

Newt introduced by Phambili is a battery-powered, always-on, wall-mountable display powered by an ESP32-S2 microcontroller that you can program with Arduino, CircuitPython, MicroPython, or ESP-IDF. This low-power, open source, 2.7-inch IoT display can go online to retrieve weather, calendars, sports scores, to-do lists, quotes, and almost anything on the Internet and features SHARP's Memory-in-Pixel (MiP) screen technology.

The MiP technology takes the low power consumption and daylight readability of E-Ink screens and combines them with the crispness and sub-millisecond refresh rates of OLED displays. This device was designed to operate "untethered," which means you can mount it in places where a power cord would be inconvenient like on a wall, refrigerator, mirror, or dry-erase board. 

Key Features of Newt

  • Espressif ESP32-S2-WROVER Module with 4 MB flash and 2 MB PSRAM
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Supports Arduino, MicroPython, CircuitPython, and ESP-IDF
  • Deep sleep current as low as 25 uA
  • 2.7-inch, 240 x 400 pixel MiP LCD
  • Capable of delivering high-contrast, high-resolution, low-latency content with ultra-low power consumption
  • Reflective mode leverages ambient light to eliminate the need for a backlight
  • Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 RTC
  • Optimized for extreme low-power consumption (45 nA)
  • Able to simultaneously manage a periodic timer, a countdown timer, and an alarm
  • Hardware interrupt for timers and alarms
  • 43 bytes of non-volatile user memory, 2 bytes of user RAM
  • Separate UNIX time counter
  • USB Type-C connector for programming, power, and charging
  • Low-quiescence voltage regulator (TOREX XC6220) that can output 1 A of current and operate as low as 8 uA

Each Newt is pre-loaded with custom firmware, which provides the following functionality out-of-the-box like alarms, timers, current weather information, daily and hourly weather forecasts, inspirational quotes, air-quality forecasts, and a habit calendar. Moreover, Newt is open source, and all design files and libraries are available for review, use, and modification.