Low Power CMOS Digital VOC Sensor for Indoor Air Quality Applications


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SGP40 Volatile Organic Compound Sensor from Sensirion

Sensirion has introduced a new SGP40 VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor for maintaining indoor air quality in modern buildings. VOCs are the most responsible components for bad air quality in the modern buildings, this needs to be monitored and necessary steps should be taken to maintain the air quality. The new broadband VOC, SGP40 can identify VOC pollution source and allows the user to take necessary action when they are built into an air quality monitor.

With an integrated CMOSens sensor system on a single chip based on a metal oxide sensor provides a humidity compensated indoor air quality signal via a digital I2C interface. With outstanding long term stability of sensing and response time, the SGP40 provides low power consumption for battery-driven applications.

The VOC algorithm analyses the VOC events from the SGP40 and store them in a VOC index that qualifies the VOC events relative to each sensor’s average indoor environment. The VOC index states that to what extent the indoor air quality has deteriorated or improved to the average VOC environment, using this data users can gradually control the fan of an air treatment device or they can use it as feedback on their daily activity profile. Both SGP40 and the evaluation kit are available through the Sensirion’s distribution network.

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