Low Power Brushed DC Motor Driver IC from Toshiba in Compact HSOP8 Package

Published  February 24, 2020   0
TB67H451FNG Motor Driver IC

Toshiba Electronic Devices has added the TB67H451FNG Motor Driver IC to its lineup of low power consumption brushed DC motor driver ICs. The new IC comes in the popular pin-assignment HSOP8 package and features automatic return after over-current detection. Over-current detection is a safety function that prevents damage to the IC by turning off the output when the output current exceeds the threshold level due to an overload or other reason.

The previous version of TB67H451FNG is the TB67H450FNG, this device is a latch-type device, where output is turned off indefinitely until the power is recycled or the standby mode is reasserted, whereas the TB67H451FNG has an auto-return function that resumes the operation without any external control. When the overcurrent condition subsides, operation returns to normal.

TB67H451FNG can drive brushed DC motors with a wide range of power supply, from 4.5V to 44V. These ICs can be used in applications like mobile devices and devices with 5V power supply, and industrial devices, home appliances, printers, and banking terminals that require a high power drive of up to 3.5A. For more information about TB67H451FNG, visit the official website Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation.