Low-Jitter CK440Q-Compliant Clock Generator IC Released for Next-Generation Intel Server Platforms

Published  February 5, 2021   0
Low-Jitter CK440Q-Compliant 9SQ440 Clock Generator IC

Developed to fulfill future Intel Xeon processor requirements, the new Low-Jitter 9SQ440 clock generator IC from Renesas Electronics provides customers a flexible, robust, and high-performance synthesizer to address PCIe Gen5 design challenges. This CK440Q-compliant server clock generator is designed to work as a complete clock solution or in combination with DB2000Q-compliant clock buffers to provide point-to-point clocks to multiple receiving agents.

The ‘9SQ440 clock generator IC’ features 20 differential outputs and offers enhanced jitter performance (less than 50fs RMS of PCIe Gen5 common clock phase jitter), thereby meeting the timing requirements for topologies ranging from simple, single-board 2-socket to complex, modular multi-socket systems.

Key Features of 9SQ440 Clock Generator IC

  • PCIe Gen5 and UPI v2.0-compliant clocks for 32GT/s SerDes
  • PCIe Gen5 with <50fs RMS phase jitter, below specification requirements, to deliver better design margin
  • 7 dedicated 100MHz outputs w/7 OE# pins
  • 3 dedicated 25MHz platform time outputs
  • 1 dedicated 25MHz platform time daisy chain output
  • 9 mux outputs selectable between 100MHz or 25MHz
  • Supports multiple CPU socket topologies, ranging from a self-contained single socket to modular multi-socket approaches
  • 0%, -0.3% and -0.5% spread spectrum clocking
  • 8x8mm 100-pin dual-row QFN with 0.5mm pitch

Customers can easily address their complete data center solutions needs by combining the low-Jitter 9SQ440 clock generator IC with the Renesas’ broader lineup of PCIe timing solutions, including PCIe Gen5 clock buffers, and its portfolio of infrastructure power and smart power stage (SPS) devices.