48Lxxx – Low Cost EERAM to Retain Data during Power Loss in Data Logging Applications


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48Lxxx – Low Cost EERAM

Microchip Technology has introduced a new family of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) EERAM memory products that can automatically restore the content if the power is disrupted during the processing in applications that require repetitive task data logging. The current low density nonvolatile serial RAM (NVRAM) solutions used for these data logs are at a higher cost per bit memory which will affect the overall cost of the end product. The New EERAM will be delivering the same output as the NVRAM at 25% lesser cost.


Features of 48Lxxx EERAM:

  • Available in the range from 64KB to 1MB
  • Operates in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C
  • Uses the SPI and I2C protocols
  • Uses standard Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) and Flash Processes
  • Offer the best reliability at the lowest cost
  • Available in high volume and most widely used processes


The new EERAM is a Standalone non-volatile RAM memory that uses the same SPI and I2C protocols as serial SRAM, this enables the devices to retain SRAM content during power loss without using an external battery. The non-volatile aspects of the device are essentially invisible to the user when the device detects the power is going to be disrupted it will automatically transfer the SRAM data to nonvolatile storage and moves it back to the SRAM once the power returns to the device. If you consider the example of a manufacturing line, each station in the line handles over millions of tasks over their lifetime and the lost data during a task can require overhauling or discarding items. EERAMs automatically store SRAM content in these settings, allowing the manufacturing line to resume where the task was disrupted.


The new EERAM family comes with Microchip’s customer-driven obsolescence practice, which helps ensure availability to customers for as long as needed. These devices are available in 8-pin SOIC, SOIJ and DFN packages in volume production.  Pricing for 10,000-unit starts from  0.70$. For more details about the EERAMs visit the product page on the official website of Microchip Technology Inc.

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