LoRa-Based Industrial Sensors for Connectivity in Difficult Environments


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LoRa-Based Industrial Sensors for Connectivity in Difficult Environments

Semtech Corporation announced that the Radio Bridge has released a new line of LoRa based sensors for industrial applications. These sensors are able to transmit actionable data over incredible distances at very low power levels. The new line of outdoor and industrial-grade sensors also known as the Armored Sensors enables the tracking of accurate, real-time data for a variety of industrial applications including oil and gas, air quality and utility monitoring using LoRa and LoRaWAN technology.


The Armored sensor line includes the capability for ultrasonic tank level monitoring, thermocouples, 4-20mA current loops, battery voltage tracking, water leak detection, movement and tilt monitoring, dry contact, and air quality monitoring. These sensors are IP67 rated, hence they can be deployed in outdoor or harsh industrial environments. Some industries like oil and gas, retail, hospitality, and utilities are already in the beta testing of these devices.


The Armored Sensor product series supplements Radio Bridge’s existing indoor and smart building lines of products already available through major distributors. Due to the modular design of The Armored Sensor series, new sensor types can be easily added to custom endpoint applications. Additionally, The Armored Sensor products are compatible with many existing industrial interfaces, allowing end customers to “LoRa-Enable” existing equipment and devices.


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