Less Power, More Vision: Onsemi’s Low power Image Sensor Family for Smart Home and Office

Published  October 11, 2023   0
S Staff
Hyperlux LP Image Sensor

Onsemi announced their new low power Hyperlux LP image sensor family, intended for smart home and office applications. Onsemi claims their new Hyperlux LP sensors can extend the battery life up to 40%. The Hyperlux LP series sensors are ideally suited for industrial and commercial cameras such as smart doorbells, security cameras, AR/VR/XR headsets, machine vision and video conferencing. These 1.4 µm pixel sensors deliver industry-leading image quality and low power consumption while maximizing performance to capture crisp, vibrant images even in difficult lighting conditions.

AR0544 Image Sensor

The Hyperlux family also features stacked architecture design, thus effectively reducing its size as much as possible, making it as small as the size of a grain of rice. Onsemi offers 3 different sensor options the 5-megapixel AR0544, the 8-megapixel AR0830 and the 20-megapixel AR2020. The Hyperlux LP sensors also packed with features such as wake on motion – enables to save power during low power mode, Smart ROI - Delivers more than one region of interest (ROI) to give a context view of the scene at reduced bandwidth and a separate ROI in original detail, Near-Infrared (NIR) Performance – Delivers superior image quality due to the innovative silicon design and pixel architecture, with minimal supplemental lighting, and Low Power – Reduces thermal noise which negatively impacts image quality and eliminates the need for heat sinks, reducing the overall cost of the vision system.