IQ Vertiq 6806 – Compact Integrated Motor and Controller for High Performance Commercial Grade Drone and Robotics Applications

Published  October 12, 2020   0
IQ Vertiq 6806 Commercial-Grade Drone and Robotics Motor Module

The IQ Vertiq 6806 is the latest commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module from IQ Motion Control. Designed for high-performance commercial UAV applications, the 4x IQ 6806-sized perfectly blends IQ’s unique hardware design and proprietary software maximizing torque output, efficiency, and precision, while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint too.

The module is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor and comes pre-loaded with IQ's Speed Firmware and can easily be updated to IQ's Position Firmware. The alpha version of the Vertiq 6806 module is 6% more efficient than leading ESC/motor combinations using FOC. Moreover, IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology will make drones to easily change directions, stabilize, and brake four times faster. Other than this, the module offers advanced telemetry for motor health monitoring.

The smooth high-torque motors will enable users to build extremely compact, high-performance robotic devices in a hassle-free manner. To put it in simple words, the Vertiq 6806 module is an ideal servomotor for precision robotic applications.

Advanced telemetry that allows users to monitor motor performance during operation and use the data for preventative maintenance, reliability, controller-motor integration, embedded position sensor, sinusoidal commutation are some of the unique features of the Vertiq 6806 module.

Other than these, 3D reversible, no delay while crossing zero, velocity and position control with tunable PIDs, field estimated control, anticogging and encoder linearization, leading rise and response times, regenerative and active braking, active freewheeling, fast FET switching, use of gate drivers, etc. are the other notable features that make Vertiq 6806 the best bet.