In-Vehicle System-On-Chip Solution for Secure Car Access CCC Release 3 Compliant

Published  June 14, 2022   0
STSAFE-VJ100-CCC System-On-Chip Platform

STMicroelectronics has announced the new STSAFE-VJ100-CCC system-on-chip platform designed to accelerate the introduction of digital car keys giving consumers keyless access to vehicles via their mobile devices. STSAFE-VJ100-CCC is an embedded secure element (eSE) based on the Java Card platform and is integrated with “Digital Key” and “UWB Services” applications in compliance with CCC Digital Key Release 3 specification.

This in-vehicle system-on-chip solution is based on CC EAL6+ certified, automotive-grade 2 ST33K-A secure IC, integrating Java Card applications. The SoC stores credentials and other sensitive information, and performs cryptographic operations required to implement CCC Digital Key Release 3 use cases like owner pairing, key sharing, and key termination/deletion.

Key Features

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified

  • Vehicle keys and certificates storage

  • Friend keys and associated access profiles storage

  • Validates and verifies device provided certificates signature

  • Implements SPAKE2+ based cryptography

  • End-to-End security by encrypting/decrypting data exchanged with the device

  • Ephemeral keys generation

  • Attestation’s signature

  • Owner pairing and Standard/Fast transactions

  • BLE out of band session keys generation

  • URSK and ranging keys derivation