I3C Multiplexer and IO Expander for Datacenter and Server Applications

Published  June 5, 2020   0
Renesas I3C Basic Bus Extension Products

Renesas introduced four new I3C Basic bus extension products that support up to 12.5MHz speeds with integrated thermal sensor capability. The new product series include the IMX3102 2:1 bus multiplexer, suited for designs where there may be two masters controlling a single peripheral or slave devices, the IMX3112 1:2 bus expander that supports designs where a single host is controlling two peripheral or slave devices, and IXP3114 (with temperature sensor) and IXP3104 1:4 (no temperature sensor) general-purpose IO expanders, that are designed for a host controller with up to four peripheral or slave devices.

The I3C Bus Extension products are designed for control plane designs across a variety of applications including data center and server applications, as well as enterprise, factory automation, and communications equipment. These products provide design flexibility for engineers implementing I3C Basic as a system management bus in applications where there may be multiple masters, a large number of endpoint devices, and long traces – all of which can impact bus complexity and signal integrity.

The integrated thermal sensor provides better integration of thermal management into the bus design itself and it can also reduce the number of dedicated thermal sensor endpoints. The Next-generation compute architecture is being converted to I3C as the system management bus of choice following the JEDEC standard adoption of I3C Basic for the DDR5 memory sideband. The increase in memory subsystem complexity with distributed power management, telemetry, and thermal management at the sub-channel level requires higher sideband bus bandwidth.

The I3C Basic meets the emerging needs for advanced thermal control loops, security and component authentication, and more robust fault tolerance and recovery that require a high bandwidth interface across the entire server control plane. It enables system management architectures to provide granular information about the server resource status during bootup and runtime. The new I3C products feature integrated temperature sensors for continuous monitoring of potential temperature spikes, this reduces overall system costs and improves integration.

Other Features of I3C Bus Extension Includes

  • Two-wire programmable I2C or I3C Basic bus serial interface
  • Single device load on the host bus
  • Single 1.8V input power supply
  • Integrated temperature sensor accuracy: 0.5°C with 0.25°C resolution
  • Industrial temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Packet error check and parity error check functions
  • Bus reset and bus clear functions
  • In-band interrupt
  • Programmable I2C, I3C Basic bus address
  • 2mm x 3 mm, thermally enhanced 9-pin PSON-8 package