A New Humanoid Robot "Kengoro" Sweats like Humans During Workout

Published  December 22, 2017   0
S Staff
Kengoro a Humanoid Robot

What if your gym trainer is a ROBOT?

Masayuki Inaba and team designed a Humanoid Robot named kengoro at the University Of Tokyo, looks like a teenage boy in structure. The Bot is able to do full-body exercises like a human body, with a wide range of motion.

There are two humanoids made by the researchers named “Kenshiro” the other “Kengoro”, among which the Kengoro is most recent and advanced robot, as it can able to do push-ups, pull-ups, backbends, and even hit a badminton shuttlecock.

The “Kengoro” sweats also yes it sounds shocking, as the actuators in the Robot made it copy the muscle movement, and if it gets heated up the makers attach a water tube through the body of robot to cool down the temperature, and due to the heat dissipation the steam gets layered over the body, which we can say sweating for human body. The artificial muscles are strong enough to that the bot can stand on tiptoes and do push-ups.

Constructer claims that the humanoid bot can perform different tasks, six times than the other Humanoids. Kengoro having five-fingered hands and feet, which helps in maintaining balance and achieving complex motion. The batteries attached in legs of bot allows it to exercise 20 minutes at a time. 

Luis Sentis an engineer at the University of Texas at Austin, say that the bot performs human movement and anatomy looks like reality and is “very unique” than the previously made humanoids.

Source: ScienceNews