Highly Integrated, Low-cost Arm Cortex-M0+ Solution with Next-gen CAPSENSE Technology

Published  November 3, 2022   0
PSoC 4100S Max Family

Infineon Technologies AG has announced the new PSoC 4100S Max family that features expanded Flash memory and general-purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO) for next-generation human-machine interface (HMI) applications to support the fifth-generation CAPSENSE touch sensors. Available in 7x7, 10x10, and 14x14 mm² packages, PSoC 4100S Max with CAPSENSE technology is ideal for industrial control, automotive HMI, home automation, and large home appliances including robotics, inductive sensors, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, smart thermostats, and printers.

The Infineon PSoC 4100S Max includes up to 384K Flash memory, up to 84 GPIOs, CAN-FD, high-speed, long-range wired communication, and I²S master for fully embedded audio solutions. The new features also include dual fifth-generation CAPSENSE blocks, which deliver differentiated HMI and touch-sensing solutions. The next-generation Infineon PSoC devices have a cryptographic accelerator for fast and efficient cryptographic functions for a more secure interface for tomorrow’s touch user interface applications.

Key Features

  • 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ CPU with a DMA controller

  • 384KB flash and 32KB SRAM

  • External MHz oscillator (ECO) with PLL and 32-kHz watch crystal oscillator (WCO)

  • CRYPTO block include AES, TRNG, PRNG, CRC and SHA

  • One 12-bit, 1-Msps SAR ADC

  • Two op-amps configurable as programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), comparators (CMPs), etc.

  • Two low-power comparators

  • Eight 16-bit timer/counter/pulse-width modulator (TCPWM) blocks

  • Five serial communication blocks (SCBs) that are configurable as I2C, SPI, or UART