Highly Integrated Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 MCU with Bluetooth 5 Connectivity designed for Wireless Transmissions

Published  June 21, 2022   0
L Lakshita
ESP32-C5 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 MCU

Espressif Systems has released a highly integrated MCU ESP32-C5 that supports 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 6 along with Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity. The new ESP32-C5 packs a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) radio with the 802.11b/g/n standard for backward compatibility. The Wi-Fi 6 support is optimized for IoT devices and the support for the 5GHz band provides customers with a more stable and low-latency wireless connectivity in cases where less traffic and lower interference are needed for critical applications. 

The 5GHz band supports hosts of high throughput applications, such as live-streaming devices, Wi-Fi dongles, IP Cameras, etc. By integrating dual-band connectivity into their devices, customers may enjoy maximum flexibility, while future-proofing their solutions. Moreover, the 802.11ax standard (Wi-Fi 6) used in ESP32-C5 contains a variety of added features that provide concrete benefits for IoT devices. 

ESP32-C5 has a 32-bit, RISC-V, a single-core processor which can clock up to 240 MHz in speed. It has a 400KB SRAM, and 384KB of ROM, and it works with external flash. It has more than 20 programmable GPIOs while supporting all the commonly-used peripheral and the best-in-class security features. In addition, it also includes an SDIO 2.0 Slave interface.