Highly Integrated Automotive Gateway Solution with R-Car S4 SOCs and PMICs for Next-Gen Architecture


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Automotive Gateway Solution with R-Car S4 SOCs and PMICs for Next-Gen Architecture

Renesas Electronics has introduced an automotive gateway solution with R-Car S4 system on chips (SoCs) and power management ICs (PMICs) for next-generation vehicle computers, communication gateways, domain servers, and application servers. The highly integrated solution dramatically improves development efficiency by enabling software reusability and including the new best-in-class PMICs designed to work seamlessly with the R-Car S4.

The R-Car S4 SOCs + PMICs for next-gen architecture meet the automotive industry’s high demands for high performance, high-speed networking, high security, and high functional safety levels required as E/E architectures evolve into domains and zones. It is one of the first products in Renesas’ 4th-generation R-Car Family that includes multiple Arm Cortex A55, Cortex R52 and is the first to implement an RH850 MCU for control domain management. 

The R-Car S4 SoCs offer a huge number of automotive interfaces such as 16x CAN FD, 16x LIN, 8x SENT, 1x FlexRay, 4x PCIe V4.0, and also a high-bandwidth 3 x 2.5Gbit Ethernet Switch that enables rich communication and connectivity options both inside and outside of the vehicle. Using this solution, designers can re-use up to 88% of software code developed for third-generation R-Car SoC and RH850 MCU applications. 

Additionally, the customers get a software package that supports R-Car S4 application development including the real-time cores with various drivers and basic software such as Linux BSP and hypervisors. Besides, there is a virtual platform (VPF) available for enabling early software development and evaluation thus reduce design time and cost.

Key Features of R-Car S4 SoCs

  • Eight 1.2 GHz Cortex A55 cores, one 1.0 GHz Cortex® R52 dual-core (lock-step), and two 400 MHz RH850 G4MH dual cores (lock-step) deliver up to 27 KDMIPS application performance plus greater than 5.3 K DMIPS real-time performance

  • Abundant automotive interfaces including 16x CAN FD, 16x LIN, 8x SENT, 1x FlexRay, and 4x PCIe V4.0 allow a wide range of connectivity inside the vehicle

  • Integrated Ethernet TSN switch offers a bandwidth of 3 x 2.5 Gbps to deliver fast and low-latency communication in the vehicle backbone and to the outside world. This switch is fully validated by Spirent’s TSN conformance test solutions running on their Automotive C1 test system.

  • Incorporated 8MB SRAM to execute code on the RH850 G4MH core with low latency

  • Multiple hardware security modules (HSMs) provide enhanced security protection against cyber attacks

  • R-Car S4 is compliant to ISO-26262 and supports functional safety according to ASIL B and ASIL D

  • 23mm square (R-Car S4) and 19mm square (R-Car S4N) FCBGA packages

Samples of the R-Car S4 SoCs, evaluation boards, RAA271041 and RAA271005 PMICs, and a Renesas timing IC (Autoclock RC2121x) are available from the company website.

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