High Voltage Self-Mount Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


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Vishay's Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced two new high voltages, self-mount aluminum electrolytic capacitor series, namely 152 CME and 192 CTX. The automotive-grade capacitors combine high voltages up to 450V with operating temperatures up to +125 °C and deliver useful life up to 6000 hours for automotive and industrial applications. The new capacitors are reliable to be used in a harsh environment as they provide greater design flexibility, high-temperature capability, and extended useful life.

The 152 CME and 192 CTX series have a capacitance value from 2.2 µF to 33 µF and they are available in seven case sizes ranging from (10mm x 10mm x 10 mm) to (18mm x 18mm x 21mm). The RoHS-compliant capacitors offer charge- and discharge-proof performance with no peak current limitation. The lead-free reflow soldering offers better performance in 4 and 6 pin versions.

The polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte are suitable for smoothing, filtering, and buffering in power supplies and portable chargers for electric vehicles and industrial equipment.

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