High Speed Ground Sense CMOS Op-Amp with Gigh Noise Immunity for Industrial and Consumer Equipments


ByDinesh Kumar 0

ROHM's BD77501G CMOS Operational Amplifier

ROHM has introduced the BD77501G, a high-speed ground sense CMOS op-amp designed especially for industrial and consumer equipment that require high speed sensing such as anomaly detection systems used in measurement and control equipment along with sensors that work with very small signals. The EMARMOUR series of op-amps and comparators have been developed to provide superior noise immunity to allow the users to reduce design resources that address noise issues. The lineup also includes a new high-speed type ideal for anomaly detection that prevents oscillation over the entire load capacitance range.

The BD77501G is the industry’s first op-amp that supports high-speed amplifications and completely eliminates oscillation caused by load capacitance and promotes stable operation. The BD77501G provides unprecedented EMI Immunity (noise immunity) that limits variation to less than ±20mV (1/10th of conventional products).

The BD77501G is suitable to be used in applications such as facility management equipment such as abnormal current and gas detectors, motors requiring high-speed control, inverter control equipment, pre-drive buffers for driving transistors and other applications in the industrial and consumer fields requiring transmission and amplification without the need to consider load capacitance.

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