High-Resolution GMR Wheel Speed and Distance Sensor IC for ADAS Applications

Published  January 19, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Allegro A19360 Wheel Speed and Distance Sensor IC

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced the new A19360 wheel speed and distance sensor that uses giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology to encode the speed and direction of rotating ring magnets, providing automakers with the signal resolution and reliability required for SAE Level 4 and SAE Level 5 automation in passenger vehicles and mobility-as-a-service applications.

The A19360 is compatible with standard ring magnets used in automotive braking systems and provides high-resolution information to automotive systems by generating extra output events per magnetic cycle, with a special protocol that’s compatible with ECU hardware. Moreover, The A19360 is available in two resolution options (4 or 8 events per cycle) and two protocol options (Pulse Width or AK Protocol).

A19360 Sensor Key Features

  • High-resolution measurement for enhanced ADAS accuracy, such as for automated parking
  • GMR technology delivers high magnetic sensitivity for large air gaps and low-jitter switching
  • SolidSpeed Digital Architecture provides robust, adaptive performance for high output accuracy and full pitch vibration immunity
  • Integrated solution includes the IC and a protection capacitor in a single overmolded package
  • ISO 26262 ASIL B(D) with integrated diagnostics and certified safety design process (pending assessment)

The A19360 sensor is now available in a 2-pin SIP package (suffix UB) that is lead (Pb) free, with tin lead frame plating. The UB package includes an IC and protection capacitor integrated into a single overmolded package, with an additional molded lead-stabilizing bar for robust shipping and ease of assembly.