High Power Handling Thermal Jumper Chip to Remove Heat from Electrically Isolated Components

Published  April 7, 2020   0
ThermaWickTHJP Series Surface Mount Thermal Jumper Chip

Vishay Intertechnology introduced the ThermaWickTHJP series surface mount thermal jumper chip that features aluminum nitride substrate with high 170 W/m°K thermal conductivity and it can reduce the temperature of the connected component by 25%. This temperature reduction helps the designers to increase the power handling capability of these devices or extend their useful life at existing operating conditions while maintaining the electrical isolation of each component.

With the Vishay Dale Thin Flim device, designers can transfer the heat from electrically isolated components by providing a thermally conductive pathway to a ground plane or a common heat sink. The reliability of the device can be increased as the adjacent devices are being protected from thermal loads.

The THJP series can be an excellent choice for high frequency and thermal ladder applications because it has a low capacitance down to 0.07pF, It can also be used in power supplies and converters, RF amplifiers, synthesizers, pin and laser diodes, and filters for AMS, industrial, and telecommunications applications. For more details about the THJP series, visit the official website of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.