High-Power ESP32-M1 Reach Out Development Board for Long-Range Communication


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ESP32-M1 Reach Out Development Board

Integrated with an ESP32 RF SoC, ESP32-M1 Reach Out is a compact 1W (30dBm) Wi-Fi radio ESP32-M1 development board that can achieve long-range communication of more than 1.2.km via Wi-Fi 802.11b. Powered by Qorvo technology, this board is designed to develop robust communication systems using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols.

The small form factor ESP32-M1 Reach Out development board has a patch antenna structure and measures 40x60 mm. It features 15 GPIOs along with two accessible input-only IOs and also includes a CP2102 USB Serial Bridge (USB to UART Converter) along with digital external interfaces and external antenna connectors.

The board with its long-range capabilities can be used in remote monitoring and sensing, drone radios, long-range video streaming, and security purposes. It is based on the ESP32-D0WDQ6 RF SoC with a frequency of 240MHz and comes with 32Mbit flash memory. The board is powered with USB +5V and approximately more than 750mA when using high-power Wi-Fi front-end operation. The design features 3 different voltage outputs of +3.3V, +4.85V, and USB Voltage.

Key Features and Specifications of ESP32-M1 Reach Out Development Board

  • SoC: ESP32-D0WDQ6 RF clocked up to the frequency of 240MHz

  • 32 Mbit flash memory

  • CP2102 USB serial bridge (USB to UART converter)

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Digital external interfaces and external antenna ports for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Qorvo QPF4219 PA and LNA Wi-Fi front-end (33 dB PA gain and 14 dB LNA gain)

  • Configurable Wi-Fi transmit power

  • Wi-Fi transmit output power: 27 dBm typical and max 30 dBm

  • Wi-Fi receiver sensitivity: -103 dBm for 802.11b, 11 Mbps

  • Wi-Fi front-end bypass mode (the Wi-Fi front-end is off, while the ESP32 only is used to transmit and receive).

  • UART, I²C, I²S, SPI, PWM, and,

  • 12-bit ADC

  • 15x GPIOs,

  • 2x accessible input-only IOs

  • Input Power: USB +5 V, ~> 750mA (for high power Wi-Fi front end operations) and USB +5 V, ~< 300 mA (for normal Wi-Fi, BT and general operations)

  • Voltage Outputs: +3.3 V, +4.85 V and USB voltage

  • Dimensions: 40 mm x 60 mm

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