High-performance Multi-function MPU Combines Motor Control and TSN-Compliant Industrial Ethernet Network on a Single-Chip

Published  June 7, 2022   0
L Lakshita
RZ/T2M Motor Control Microprocessor Units

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced the new RZ/T2M motor control microprocessor units that combine fast and highly precise realtime motor control capabilities and industrial Ethernet on a single-chip, while also supporting functional safety operation. By providing all essential peripheral functions for motor control, the RZ/T2M MPU enables customers to reduce the number of external components, thereby decreasing BOM costs and product size.

RZ/T2M MPU is built around two Arm Cortex-R52 cores with a maximum operating frequency of 800 MHz and is suitable for applications such as AC servo drives and industrial robots. Connecting the peripheral functions used for motor control to a dedicated bus linked directly to the CPU enables the CPU to access these functions with low latency. Moreover, the large memory capacity (576 KB) is tightly coupled with the CPU, reducing the fluctuation in execution time that can occur when cache memory is used and delivering deterministic, fast-response processing.


  • On-chip 32-bit Arm Cortex-R52 processor

  • Low power consumption

  • On-chip SRAM

  • Various communications interfaces

  • External address space

  • Up to 35 extended-function timers

  • Temperature sensor for measuring temperature within the chip

  • Reset and power supply voltage control


  • AC servo

  • Industrial motor

  • Inverter

  • Robot

  • Motion controller 

This MPU has a hardware configuration designed with functional safety operation in mind, so only one external MCU is needed to implement functional safety. It can perform functional safety operation in parallel with motor control and network communication. Also, it has a 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch supporting the TSN standard and EtherCAT slave controller.