High Performance GPU, CPU, and ASIC Processor Chip-Set for AI Accelerator and High Speed Networking


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Vicor Power-on-Package AI accelerator card

Vicor Corporation has introduced a ChiP-set for high-performance GPU, CPU, and ASIC processors that can be powered by a 48V source. The Chip-set is designed with a driver MCD4609 and a pair of MCM4609 current multiplier modules that supply continuous current of 650A and peak current of 1200A. The small footprint and the low profile (45.7x8.6x3.2mm) of the current multiplier allow it to be placed closer to the processor to reduce power distribution network (PDN) losses and higher power system efficiency.

The 4609 ChiP-set acts as a Lateral Power Delivery (LPD) solution to raise the bar of current capability above the limits of LPD and the Vertical Power Delivery (VPD) will soon enable much higher current density. The VPD system delivers current from power converters vertically stacked under a processor through a capacitor network geared to a processor-specific pin-map. If we supply current directly under the processor and eliminate PDN losses, GCMs (Gearbox Current Multiplier) will soon facilitate current densities reaching up to 2A/mm2.

Vicor IP on the critical path to Power-on Package LPD and VPD solutions provide the unparalleled current density and efficient current delivery for advanced processors in applications such as AI accelerator cards, AI high-density clusters, and high-speed networking.

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