High Noise Immunity 42 V Input Voltage 70 mA Voltage Tracker


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High Noise Immunity 42 V Input / 70 mA Voltage Tracker IC

RICOH released a High Noise Immunity Voltage Tracker IC R1540 designed for the applications of automotive or industrial applications with remote sensors or modules. The IC R1540 features small size SOT-23-5 and larger HSOP-8E package. The device offers robust immunity against EMI noise and ability to respond fast to line and load transients. This makes the CMOS-based R1540 a reliable voltage source for use in noise critical devices. The R1540 features input voltage in the range of 3.5 V to 42 V with maximum operating temperature of 105°C for consumer applications, and 125°C for industrial and automotive applications.


The R1540 provides superior immunity to EMI noise over a broad frequency band (150 kHz to1 GHz) and offers a high ripple rejection ratio of 80 dB and a fast response to transients on input and load. The R1540 has a stable operation and it is essential to use a ceramic output capacitor with a minimum value of 10 μF. The device is robust enough to survive in harsh conditions and operates up to 42 V and has a maximum rating of 50 V. The IC can tolerate load dump surge peak voltages of 60 V with a duration of less than 200 ms.


The R1540 has a series of safety features that protect the IC and other parts of the application from possible damage and defects such as over-current protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and protected pin lay-out. The R1540’s special lay-out is arranged for the R1540S in HSOP-8E package preventing a malfunction when adjacent pins were shorted. All four terminals are isolated with unconnected adjacent pins. The devices will be soon AEC-Q100 compliant for the automotive applications.


The samples and evaluation boards of CMOS-based R1540 IC are available through RICOH’s worldwide regional distributor network as well as online distributors Mouser and Chip1Stop.

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