High Efficiency AC/DC Power Supply with Low Leakage Current Suitable for BF Applications

Published  January 6, 2022   0
MorNSUN's LO30-20BxxMU Series AC DC Power Supply

MORNSUN has launched the new miniaturized LO30-20BxxMU Series that is designed to meet the demand for medical power supply and is the extension of 30W products after 45W/65W/120W series. This series meets the reinforced insulation 2xMOPP and has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and high efficiency.

The LO30-20BxxMU Series is suitable for all kinds of BF type medical system equipment, clinical medical equipment, ventilator equipment, and personal care device. Moreover, with a highly reliable design in the medical industry, this series can be used in industrial control, LED, street light control, electric power, security, communication, smart home, etc.

Key Features of LO30-20BxxMU Series

  • Universal 80-264VAC or 100-370VDC input voltage
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -30˚C to +85˚C
  • High I/O isolation test voltage up to 4000VAC
  • Meets 5000m altitude requirements
  • Extremely low leakage current < 75uA
  • Stand-by power consumption < 0.25W
  • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Meets 2 x MOPP safety certification

In addition, these converters offer EMC and safety performance, which meet EN60601, UL/EN/IEC62368, IEC/EN60335, and EN61558 standards.